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Sunday, July 09, 2006

To all my gelato-loving friends: I have been thorough in my gelato and granite research and after numerous sampling field trip have determined that the best gelato and granite are found at Gelateria Carabe (close to the Duomo). This Sicilain gelateria serves some interesting granita flavors: fig, plum, almond milk, and pineapple, in addition to the more common ones such as strawberry, mixed berry, coffee, lemon, etc. The straciatella gelato is the best in Florence, and pistachio, coffee, and almond are high on my list as well.

You can also find good granita at the Perche no! gelateria close to the Duomo.


At 5:25 AM CDT, Blogger laura and brian said...

It sounds like an incredible time and the gelati sounds incredible!! We volunteer to be one of your first tasters when you return!!

Laura, Brian, Joseph, Bacio, Luigi and Lucy Roman


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