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Monday, June 25, 2007

Apicius revisited

Some people go on vacation to lie on the beach and do nothing. I seem to want to go on vacations where I will be in a hot kitchen in the middle of July, sautéing, baking, and frying in 100 degrees. So, this year, once again I am going to Apicius (, the Culinary Institute of Florence, where I got my first taste of professional cooking courses last summer. I will be spending the month of July in Florence, taking 2 courses on Italian cuisine. Admittedly, July might not be the best time to visit Florence (because of its location, Florence is the hottest city in Italy, hotter than Rome), but I am not discouraged by the prospect of cooking in hot kitchens. I know I will enjoy it and learn a ton, so I am looking forward to it.

Michael is joining me for the first 10 days and we will spend the first weekend of the trip on a farm in the mountains north on Prato and Florence ( This will allow us to relax after the long trip, get over jet-lag, and spend some time in a cooler place before we brave the busy (and hot) streets of Firenze. Also, we hope to have some homecooked food as the owners have a small restaurant on the property.

The second weekend, we are going to Isola di Giglio, a small island off the Southern coast of Tuscany ( One of my instructors from last year and a dear friend, Marcella Ansaldo, is originally from the island and will be there. I have always wanted to see the Tuscan coast and visit some of the islands and this is the perfect opportunity to do so and have the advantage of being introduced to the island by someone who knows it. What an adventure!

So, stay tuned for more cooking school stories and recipes. And get ready to help me taste test some new recipes when I come back.


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